HARO link building service

Our all-inclusive service takes the hassle out of HARO link building. Our SEO experts handle everything, from responding to relevant queries to crafting compelling pitches that attract authority sources.

What exactly is HARO link Building?

HARO, also known as Help a Reporter Out, is a unique platform that connects journalists with industry experts for their articles. It serves as a bridge between reporters who are seeking sources for their stories.It allows experts to provide insights and quotes for journalists’ articles, gaining media exposure and potential backlinks.At Eliteoutreachco, we can help you navigate HARO, identify opportunities, and craft compelling responses to maximize your exposure and authority. Harness the power of HARO to elevate your brand and drive organic growth.

Why use a HARO link building service

Our all-inclusive service takes the hassle out of HARO link building. Our SEO experts handle everything, from responding to relevant queries to crafting compelling pitches that attract authority sources.


A HARO link building service saves you time by handling tasks like email timing, response crafting, follow-ups, and link tracking.


You approve publishers, and you review the content to get your link website’s placed.

Expert handling

A HARO link building service saves you time by handling tasks like email timing, response crafting, follow-ups, and link tracking.

Business focus

A HARO link building service saves you time by handling tasks like email timing, response crafting, follow-ups, and link tracking.

HARO link building pricing

After successful onboarding, we start HARO pitching and continue until all links are published. You might receive extra links due to publication delays or new opportunities.

If you happen to receive more links than you have paid for, rest assured that we will not charge you for the extras. We believe it is important to provide our clients with as many high-quality links as possible, and we are happy to do that at no additional cost.

We only charge for links that meet our strict quality standards. If a link does not meet at least one of our criteria, it is free.


Minimum of 3 Links Per Campaign Guaranteed


What you need to know

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a free service that connects journalists with sources for their stories. If you’re looking to build high-quality backlinks for your website, HARO can be a great option. However, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

Publications can take time

Not all journalists respond to HARO queries immediately. In fact, some may not respond at all. It’s important to be patient and persistent when using HARO. The fastest publication we’ve seen happened two days after the pitch, but the slowest took six months.

You can’t contact journalists directly

Once you submit a pitch, you won’t be able to contact the journalist directly. This is because HARO uses a single-use email that expires after the query deadline. This can be frustrating, but it’s important to remember that journalists are busy people. They may not have time to respond to every pitch, even if it’s a good one.

Not all journalists disclose their identities

Some journalists prefer to stay anonymous when using HARO. This may be because they work for a small or new media outlet, or because they don’t want to be bombarded with pitches. If you don’t know who the journalist is, you won’t be able to research their media outlet or domain rating. This can make it difficult to assess the value of the backlink you’ll receive.

HARO link building is not a quick fix

It takes time to build high-quality backlinks through HARO. Don’t expect to see a flood of links overnight. A reasonable expectation is to get 3-5 links per month, starting from the second month.

Backlinks placed through HARO can be removed

If a journalist decides to update or withdraw their article, the backlink to your website may be removed. This is something to keep in mind when using HARO. However, it’s important to remember that this is a rare occurrence

Overall, HARO can be a great way to build high-quality backlinks for your website. However, it’s important to be patient and persistent, and to understand that it takes time to see results.

Why OutReachCo for HARO link building

Experience success in HARO link building with OutRea. Our dedicated team of specialists secures top-notch, high-authority backlinks from reputable publications, freeing you to focus on business growth.

Experienced HARO specialists

Our experienced link building team has been providing HARO services for years. Our specialists are proficient in digital marketing and utilize advanced HARO SEO tools to achieve your goals.

Transparent & controlled

We provide transparent communication and comprehensive monthly reports to keep you informed of campaign developments and progress. Our goal is to enhance your understanding of SEO and the process.

Track record

We only employ strategies with a proven track record of success, as evidenced by the numerous high authority links our marketing team has secured over the past year from top online publications.

Fair pricing

Our pricing aims for fair value, tailored to suit your budget while maximizing results. We customize HARO packages, seeking the best return for each dollar invested in your marketing efforts.

Money back guarantee

In the unfortunate event that you’re not satisfied with our services or if we’re unable to deliver your order as promised, you’ll be promptly briefed about the situation and receive a full refund.

Consultations & support

To ensure you understand the HARO link building process and its benefits, we offer expert consultations. Our dedicated strategists are available for assistance via calls and emails throughout your campaign.


Don't just take our word for it

Power of HARO

HARO, or Help a Reporter Out, revolutionizes SEO by connecting journalists with industry experts. With 75,000+ journalists and bloggers on board, HARO is the go-to platform for major media outlets like The New York Times and Fox News.

Leverage it to position yourself as an expert, gain media exposure, and boost SEO rankings.

Onboarding consultation

We conduct an in-depth consultation to learn about your business, areas of expertise, and current link requirements. This gives us crucial insights that maximize our chances of earning relevant links for you. We prioritize transparency and effective communication. You can trust that we will keep you fully informed and involved in every step of your campaign. We value your input and ensure that you have the final say in approving all aspects of the process.

Monitoring HARO opportunities

Once we understand your business needs, we diligently monitor HARO emails for link opportunities that match your criteria. We respond to pitches as soon as they come in, as quick responses are essential for HARO success.

Crafting effective replies

We write intelligent, value-adding responses tailored to each writer’s specific needs. We leverage our expertise in understanding what writers are looking for and how to best pitch experts like yourself. This is why we have an incredibly high success rate at securing links through HARO.


Order Process

From start to finish, we handle every step of the outreach, ensuring you receive high-quality links and valuable media coverage.


FAQs about link building services

See our FAQs for basic info on link building services. Chat with us if you have other questions.

Can I review the content and sites before posts are published?

Absolutely! We believe in complete transparency. Once we get your order, we will present the proposed websites and content details for your review. Upon receiving your final approval, we’ll proceed with the campaign. You have the flexibility to pre-approve, manage, or request modifications. The content we provide is subtle and non-promotional, with your client’s link integrated as a natural mention. To ensure satisfaction, we recommend reviewing our samples or opting for a small trial run first. Our primary aim is to strike an optimal balance of time, effort, and results for our clients.

How long can I expect the placements to last?

Placements are generally permanent. We guarantee that your placement will remain for a minimum of 365 days. However, in reality, most placements remain intact for the entire lifespan of the blog—usually indefinitely. As long as the blog is active, your article and its embedded links should remain untouched.

What's the typical turnaround time for your services?

For a small rush order, we can complete it within 10 days. However, for larger outreach orders, such as 10-20 links, we typically require 15-20 days. The actual completion time can vary based on the blogger’s availability, but often we manage to finish earlier than the stated timeline.

Which industries or verticals are you particularly proficient in?

We have a broad reach across multiple verticals. Our primary strengths are in technology, business, finance, travel, mommy blogs, home improvement, real estate, health, fashion, sports, and gaming.

Do you cater to agencies outside your country?

Absolutely! A significant portion of our clientele is based in countries like the US and Australia, as well as numerous other global locations. The majority of the placements we secure are on TLDs such as .com, .co.uk, .net, .org, .no, .se and many more

What is your monthly capacity?

Our capacity is robust, allowing us to produce, deliver, and place thousands of high-quality content pieces on notable blogs each month. We’re committed to meeting your requirements.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept a wide range of payment methods including Wire Transfer, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Payoneer, Skrill, and Stripe. Yes, we do accept PayPal. You can choose the method most convenient for you.

Yes, we have extensive expertise in online gaming, with a distinguished track record. We’ve collaborated with major stakeholders in the online gaming sector across numerous markets, including the UK, FR, DE, PT, ES, BR, NO, DK, SE, FI, and more. Our forte encompasses gaming (like casino and slots), sports betting, as well as esports betting covering news, sports, lifestyle, and tech.

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