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Discover the ideal influencer blogger for your brand. Our Blogger Outreach Services are designed to pinpoint the perfect voice that aligns with your demographic. We customize campaigns to facilitate meaningful connections with influencers within your industry, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Always In Action To Fulfil Customer's Needs

Empowering your success is our priority! We are dedicated to being always in action, tirelessly working to fulfill your unique customer needs. Our commitment is to provide solutions that go beyond expectations.

Transparent and Controlled

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The Global Reach

Why Do Brands Need Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach, a powerful strategy for brand expansion, collaborates with influential bloggers to broaden your brand's reach and enhance visibility. Positive mentions and genuine reviews from these influencers build trust, assuring potential customers of your brand's credibility. This trust, coupled with the impact of blogs as effective marketing tools, significantly boosts sales, driving revenue growth for your brand.Furthermore, blogger outreach plays a crucial role in SEO enhancement, acquiring quality backlinks from reputable bloggers to improve search engine rankings and elevate your brand's online presence. Initiatives like collaborations, giveaways, and contests with bloggers create buzz, fostering community engagement and positive brand perception.

Providing The Outreach Services That Are Country Specific

Customized outreach solutions focused on your specific country. We specialize in connecting your brand with the right influencers in your local market. Elevate your presence with our country-specific outreach services. Here are all the countries in which the services are available.


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That's not all. Let's Dive In!

More of a "D.I.Y" type?

Define your preferences and get exactly what you need!

Define your preferences such as acceptable Niche(s), and required SEO i.e. DA, DR, Organic Traffic, Language, Location, and Budget.

We then proceed to share the available blogs from our existing connections that match those descriptions. So you may cherry-pick the blogs as per your budget and SEO preferences. OR we initiate the dedicated outreach campaign according to your tailored requirement with no extra cost.    

Custom Outreach

Build a custom package to fit your needs

Let’s talk


Doing blogger outreach yourself can be time-consuming and challenging. EliteOutReachCo can help you find quality blogs aligned with your needs so you can focus on your business.

Identifying target websites​​

Reaching out to editors

Pitching article ideas​

Securing high-profile links​

How Are We Working On Blogger Outreaching?


24/7 Support

We start by pinpointing websites aligned with your business goals.

Reaching Out to Editors

Actively connecting with editors to establish collaborative relationships..

Pitching Article Ideas

Crafting compelling pitches tailored to resonate with your brand.

Securing High-Profile Links

Ensuring your brand gains visibility with quality links from reputable sources

Referring Domains

We assess the credibility by evaluating the number and reliability of referring domains.

Sponsored Tags

Ensuring natural integration, we avoid tags that may compromise the authenticity of the content.


Every link is strategically placed within a relevant context, aligning with your brand.

Linked Domains

We scrutinize the balance between linked and referring domains for optimal effectiveness.


Our focus is on websites with consistent and substantial organic traffic, ensuring impactful exposure.

Domain Rating

We prioritize links from domains with a minimum rating of 10, guaranteeing authority and reliability.

Traffic Analysis

We prioritize links from domains with a minimum rating of 10, guaranteeing authority and reliability.

Let’s Place An Order For Blogger Outreach Now!

Of course, being the hard worker you are, you may want to do it alone. But, think about the challenges involved – identifying target websites, reaching out to editors, pitching article ideas, securing high-profile links, and so forth. It would take up a lot of your time, right? Or maybe you are thinking of hiring an in-house specialist, which is time-consuming and expensive, but it's still difficult to know if they will produce successful results.

Why Choose Elite Outreach?

Here at EliteOutReachCo, our skilled outreach specialists are dedicated to going up and above your expectation. We help acquire editorial in-content links and mentions on the web’s most epic blogs while you sit back and watch your numbers soar.

The Transparent Action

Experience clarity and openness in every step of your campaign. We believe in transparency, allowing you to understand and oversee the actions we take to elevate your brand.

Controlled Activity

Take the reins of your campaign with our controlled activity approach. From selecting websites to reviewing content, you have the authority to shape your outreach journey according to your preferences.

Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our commitment. In the rare instance that you're not pleased with our services or if we can't fulfil our promise, rest assured – we provide a money-back guarantee, ensuring your investment is secure.

The 5-Step Outreach Order Process

The EliteOutReachCo blogger outreach order processing from prospecting to publishing and reporting.


Input Information

The first step is to understand what you need and what would be a good fit for your business. The type of links you need is informed by, among other things, the type of business you run and that specific campaign.


Blog suggestions


Once we’ve fully understood your needs to help you achieve your goals. We then dig into our data of bloggers.

Fortunately, we’ve already developed strong relationships with thousands of quality blogs, meaning that finding the right link opportunity for any business is never a problem.

If we can find the relevant blogs in our existing database, we then embark on reaching out to the blogger to propose a relationship for your placement.

Review and selection

A shortlist of blogs is created and presented to you for review. After you select the blogs you like the most; our trained negotiators go back to close the deal.


Content creation


The blogger for the selected blog will draft an article that includes the target link to publish it on their blog or one of the writers from our team will craft quality content for publishing.

You can also take advantage of our exclusive option to provide your own content for publishing.

You’ll have the final words in either case on article drafts before they go live.

Publishing and reporting

In this final step, the content completed with backlink(s) to your website, is published on your selected blogs. We’ll send you weekly updates on the campaign (including any other requested details).


What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is the process of building relationships with bloggers and other influencers in order to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and potentially secure backlinks to a website. The goal of blogger outreach is to connect with bloggers who have a relevant audience and to create content that aligns with the blogger’s interests and their audience’s interests. This can take the form of guest posts, sponsored posts, product reviews, or other types of collaborations.

Types Of Blogger Outreaching We Have Command On!

Blogger outreach can be done by businesses, PR agencies, or marketing teams. The process of blogger outreach starts by identifying the right bloggers, reaching out to them, and then building relationships over time. The key to successful blogger outreach is to provide value to the blogger, whether through informative content, exclusive access to products or services, or other perks. In return, the blogger can help to promote the business or product, which can lead to increased brand visibility, higher website traffic, and potential customers.

Why Is Blogger Outreach Compulsory for Brands?

Blogs are potent engagers, providing a massive network of influencers with outstanding marketing potential. Brand or product references in online publications can undoubtedly boost your sales, but positive mentions by influential bloggers can skyrocket your profits. 

If there’s no online chatter about you, your revenue becomes static. We work as your marketing cupid, finding the best match for your brand, demographic, and industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the questions most often asked about our services and process. For basic information about blogger outreach service and what they are, see this information that we’ve provided just for first-time buyers. If you need answers to questions that you don’t see covered here, please use our handy website chat to speak directly to a knowledgeable team member.

Absolutely. Our blogger outreach approach adheres to ethical practices, ensuring genuine connections and high-quality content that aligns with your brand values.

We’ll need details about your business, target audience, and campaign goals. Additionally, any specific preferences for niche, language, or location will help tailor the outreach strategy to your needs.

Which keywords are suitable for use?

We collaborate with you to identify keywords that align with your brand and target audience. Relevant, industry-specific keywords ensure that your content resonates effectively with your audience.

You can expect editorial link placements within existing articles, strategically chosen to enhance your SEO. These high-quality, contextual links contribute to your brand’s authority and credibility.

Who will be writing for me?

Our experienced team of writers crafts content that aligns with your brand voice and resonates with the target audience. Rest assured, your content is in the hands of skilled professionals.

Can I write my own content?

Absolutely. We welcome your input and content contributions. You have the liberty to supply your content, ensuring that the messaging aligns perfectly with your brand’s tone and objectives.

What will content consist of?

Content will be informative, engaging, and relevant to your industry. Whether it’s expert insights, product features, or industry trends, our content aims to capture your audience’s attention and convey your brand message effectively.

Can we approve content or sites before you place the posts?

Yes, you have full control. We provide pre-approvals, allowing you to review and approve both the content and the sites before anything goes live.

How long will these placements last?

Online gaming is one of our strongholds and has a proven track record. We’ve already served numerous key players in the online gaming niche in many markets including, the UK, FR, DE, PT, ES, BR, NO, DK, SE, Fl, and many more. Our strengths lay in gaming (casino, slots, etc.), sports betting, and esports betting (news, sports, lifestyle, tech).
We request your flexibility in pricing while seeking out links, so we can deliver something concrete.


There is an inevitable downturn in traffic from those links, but that is to be expected with any type of campaign that relies on traffic. The same articles will not see as much traffic over time.

What if you can't find any relevant websites?

In the unlikely event that we can’t find relevant websites, we will discuss alternative strategies or refund your order. Our commitment is to deliver value and results for your campaign.

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